Mediator Panel

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Step One
: Click on the arrow adjacent to the Expertise field and select your type of case from the pull-down menu. To refine your search you may also select a second area of expertise from the second pull-down menu. For those cases in which the parties are of limited English proficiency, you may also seek a mediator who speaks a language other than English. For example, if your case involves a contract dispute and one of the allegations is fraud, you might select 'breach of contract' from the first pull-down menu and 'fraud' from the second pull-down menu. You may then select a language option from the third pull-down menu. The database will then produce a list of mediators who have expertise in each area. Fewer terms will produce a longer list. You may find no results if there is no mediator on the panel who speaks the language you selected.

If you would like to see a list of all mediators on the panel, use the "ALL" option in all the pull-down menus and select Search.

Step Two: The search results will provide you with a list of mediators. Click on a mediator's name and you will be shown details about that mediator. Use your back button to return to the list.

If the database provides you with a list but a mediator is not included, that mediator may no longer be available for Court Mediations. Use only current lists.

Step Three: When all the parties agree on a mediator they must determine if there are any conflicts of interest with the mediator. A party must be designated to contact the mediator to inform her or him that this is a mediation referral from this court and ask if the mediator is available to complete the mediation prior to the next scheduled case management conference or by the deadline ordered by the judge. The designated party must then complete and sign a Mediator Selection Form, verify the agreement, and submit the form by email, fax, or mail to the ADR Program Administrator's Office. The mediator will be notified of the appointment to your case when the ADR Program Administrator receives the Mediator Selection Form.

IMPORTANT! Our panel members agree to provide mediation services at a reduced rate only when referred by the court or when the parties submit a stipulation to mediation AND a Mediator Selection Form is received by the ADR Program.

Mediators on the panel are available for private mediations for cases which have not been referred to the Court Mediation program. Please inform the mediator that you received his or her name from this list, but that you are requesting their services as a private mediator.

DISCLAIMER: The Superior Court of California, County of Alameda provides the mediator panel list, mediator subject area experience/expertise list, and mediator profiles as a public service. The information provided was submitted by the individual mediator. The Court does not guarantee or warrant the content or accuracy of the information or the competency or qualifications of a person included on these lists.